The aim of the conference is to provide an informal environment where the PhD students working on Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry and Topology could gather to present and discuss their research and hopefully stimulate collaborations and connections between our institutions.

A secondary goal of the event is to give Master students that are interested in continuing their studies the opportunity to get a glimpse of what being a PhD student means and eventually ask for suggestions.


Time and location:

Monday May 22, sal 306 hus 6, Kräftriket
Tuesday May 23, rum 3418, KTH

Schedules of the talks:
Schedule and Abstracts (71 Kb)



Stefano Marseglia, SU stefanom -at-
Eric Ahlqvist, KTH ericahl -at-

Practical information

There is a possibility for students not from Stockholm to receive funding for travel expences and lodging.

Lunches and coffeebreaks will be provided for registered participants and there will be a conference dinner on Monday evening.


Please fill in the following Google Form no later than April 30:

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Stockholm Mathematical Centre, SMC.