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Olof Bergvall

I am interested in algebraic geometry and in particular moduli spaces of curves and their tautological rings. My advisor is Carel Faber.

Kaj Börjeson

I am a PhD student at in the topology group. My advisor is Alexander Berglund. My research centers around questions in topology and algebra, especially topics connected to rational homotopy theory, Hochschild cohomology, operads and BV-algebras.

Hampus Engsner

Hampus Engsner

Jag är doktorand i försäkringsmatematik. Jag forskar på försäkringsmatematiska aspekter av sannolikhetsteori och stokastiska processer

Christian Espíndola

My area of interest is Mathematical logic and Foundations. This involves parts of model theory, set theory, metamathematics, category theory (especially categorical logic), formal systems and philosophy of mathematics.

Håkon Robbestad Gylterud

My academic interests are in the fields of mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics, category theory and computer science. I enjoy computer checked, formal proofs and have a keen interest in constructive mathematics and looking at proofs in them selves as algebraic objects.

Abid Ali Lashari

My research work is focused on using mathematical approaches to provide some insight into real life phenomena associated with the mathematical modeling of infectious disease.

Stefano Marseglia

My research areas are algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory.

At the moment I am working on:

  • Effective methods to count isomorphism classes of polarized abelian varieties over finite fields;
  • Ideal Class Monoid of orders in Number Fields.

Alessandro Oneto

My interests are in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry. In particular, I am interested in additive decompositions of polynomials and related topics (secant varieties, ideals of fat points, Fröberg's conjecture on generic Hilbert series). My advisor is Prof. Shapiro.

Bashar Saleh

I am interested in algebraic topology and homological algebra. Right now I am about to finish a project about formal commutative differential graded algebras. My supervisor is Alexander Berglund.

Andrea Serio

I am interested in Mathematical Physics and Analysis, in particular my
research project is on quantum graphs with magnetic fields, I am
studying how the spectrum is related to the topology of the graph. My
advisor is Pavel Kurasov.

Felix Wahl

Jag är doktorand i försäkringsmatematik. Jag forskar på försäkringsmatematiska aspekter av sannolikhetsteori, statistik och stokastiska processer.



Joanna Tyrcha, rum 316. joanna@math.su.se Tel. 08-164567

Ställföreträdande prefekt, Avdelningsföreståndare för matematik

Jonas Bergström, rum 410. jonasb@math.su.se Tel. +08 164563

Avdelningsföreståndare för matematisk statistik

Filip Lindskog, rum 307, lindskog@math.su.se Tel. 08 164564

Studierektor för forskarutbildningen i matematik

Alexander Berglund, rum 414. alexb@math.su.se Tel. 08-164537

Studierektor för forskarutbildningen i matematisk statistik

Mia Deijfen, rum 308. mia@math.su.se Tel. 08-164591


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