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Research group in Algebra, Geometry, Topology, and Combinatorics

The research group in algebra, geometry, topology, and combinatorics is active in several areas of these fields including, commutative and homological algebra, complex and real algebraic geometry as well as arithmetic geometry, homotopy theory, Ramsey theory and a number of other topics.

Research group in Analysis

Mathematical analysis deals generally with problems that involve questions like how does a quantity develop, that is, how does it depend on variables/parameters? In our group we are mainly working in operator theory, in particular, differential operators, as well as in complex analysis.

Research group in Computational Mathematics

The division of Computational Mathematics works with mathematical modeling and method development for the study of systems, encompassing mathematical proof structures as well as physical structures spanning from the molecular to the planetary level.

Research group in Mathematical Logic

Logic as an academic subject is the study of reasoning, and mathematical logic is the study of mathematical reasoning its various precise forms. The research group in mathematical logic is active in several areas of the field including, constructive mathematics, type theory and category-theoretic logic, as well as the philosophical aspects of logic and mathematics.

Research group in Mathematical Statistics

The research in mathematical statistics comprises probability theory and statistical inference theory with applications in many domains. Our research group interest has focus on the applications in biostatistics (in particular genetics, epidemic spread, neural systems), climatology, econometrics, finance and insurance. Several people in the group are interested in probabilistic modelling and analysis of random networks (and more generally of discrete probability).



Joanna Tyrcha, rum 316. Tel. 08-164567

Ställföreträdande prefekt, Avdelningsföreståndare för matematik

Jonas Bergström, rum 410. Tel. +08 164563

Avdelningsföreståndare för matematisk statistik

Filip Lindskog, rum 307, Tel. 08 164564

Studierektor för forskarutbildningen i matematik

Alexander Berglund, rum 414. Tel. 08-164537

Studierektor för forskarutbildningen i matematisk statistik

Mia Deijfen, rum 308. Tel. 08-164591


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