Our seminar is usually on Wednesday mornings Analys, write an email to luger (at) if you want to get a reminder each week.


Jan Boman, bitr professor emeritus
Pavel Kurasov, professor
Annemarie Luger, associate professor (Group leader)
Salvador Rodriguez-Lopez, associate professor
Andrzej Szulkin, professor
Babak Majidzadeh, PhD-student
Mitja Nedic, PhD-student
Christoph Neuner, PhD-student
Andrea Serio, PhD-student
Rune Suhr, PhD-student

Tidigare medlemmar

(since spring 2015, when the group was founded):
Joel Andersson, post doc
Valter Pohjola, post doc
Christiane Tretter, guest professor
Rudi Wietsma, post doc