Academic year 2010/2011


Statistical constultancy methodology (Rolf Sundberg, Septmber to January)
Stochastic processes III (Pieter Trapman, November to December)
Writing and presenting mathematical papers (Tom Britton, September to
Statistical models (Rolf Sundberg, March to May)
Stochastic processes IV (Dmitrii Silvestrov, January to June)

Academic year 2009/2010


Computer intensive statistical methods (Britton et al, Autumn)
Probability Theory IV (Dmitrii Silvestrov, January to May)
Statistical models (Rolf Sundberg, March to May)

Academic year 2008/09


Study group in random networks (Britton, Autumn)
Stochastic processes III (Hössjer, October to December)
Probability theory (Gut, Uppsala University, October to May)
Study group in Phylogenetics and comparative genomics: bio, maths, stats and algorithms. (Britton)

Academic year 2007/08


Probability theory (Hössjer, September to November)
Statistical methods of population genetics and gene mapping (Palmgren and Hössjer, January to March)
Writing and presenting mathematics/statistics (Britton, February to April)

Academic year 2006/07


Large Deviations (Martin-Löf, start: September)
Likelihood based inference (Pawitan, KI)
Random graphs (Study circle, Britton)
Inference for stochastic processes (Svensson, start January)

Academic year 2005/06


Stochastic methods of population genetics (Hössjer, September to

Academic year 2004/05


Statistical theory for exponential families (Sundberg)
Statistical genetics and bioinformatics (Seminar series, Palmgren)
Markov population models (Martin-Löf)
Statistical consulting methodology (Sundberg)
Probabilistic Properties of Deterministic Systems (Tyrcha)
Statistics for microarrays (Sundberg)

Academic year 2003/04


Stochastic epidemic models and their statistical analysis (Britton)
Probability Theory (Gut, Uppsala University)
Statistical modeling and inference using likelihood (Pawitan, KI)

Academic year 2002/03


Statistical Genomics (Greenwood)
Statistical methods in molecular medicine and genetic epidemiology (Palmgren)

Academic year 2001/02


Att skriva matematisk statistik (Svensson)
Statistisk inferensteori, doktorandkurs ht -01