Lindberg, Johan: Localic Categories of Models and Categorical Aspects of Intuitionistic Ramified Type Theory

Nicklasson, Lisa: Around minimal Hilbert series problems for graded algebras

Saleh, Bashar: Formality and rational homotopy theory of relative homotopy automorphisms

Serio, Andrea: Extremal eigenvalues and geometry of quantum graphs


Emmenegger, Jacopo: Exact completion and type-theoretic structures

Krüger, Oliver: On linear graph invariants related to Ramsey and edge numbers: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the alien invasion

Nedic, Mitja: On Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions in several variables


Balletti, Gabriele: Classifications, volume bounds and universal Ehrhart inequalities of lattice polytopes

Gonçalves, Iara Cristina Alvarinho: Decomposition of perverse sheaves

Marseglia, Stefano: Computing abelian varieties over finite fields

Nenashev, Gleb: Around power ideals: From Fröberg's conjecture to zonotopal algebra

Suhr, Rune: Spectral estimates and Ambartsumian-type theorems for quantum graphs


Börjeson, Kaj: Free loop spaces, Koszul duality and A-infinity algebras

Neuner, Christoph: On Supersingular Perturbations

Robbestad Gylterud, Håkon: Univalent Types, Sets and Multisets: Investigations in dependent type theory

Wierstra, Felix: Hopf Invariants in Real and Rational Homotopy Theory


Backman, Theo: Configuration spaces, props and wheel-free deformation quantization

Bergvall, Olof: Cohomology of arrangements and moduli spaces

Espíndola, Christian : Achieving completeness: from constructive set theory to large cardinals

Leander, Madeleine: Combinatorics of stable polynomials and correlation inequalities

Oneto, Alessandro: Waring-type problems for polynomials: Algebra meets Geometry


Tveiten, Ketil:  Period integrals and other direct images of D-modules

Forsgård, Jens: Tropical aspects of real polynomials and hypergeometric functions


Bergh, Daniel: Destackification and Motivic Classes of Stacks

Johansson, Petter: On the topology of the coamoeba

Martino, Ivan: Ekedahl Invariants, Veronese Modules and Linear Recurrence Varieties

Alm, Johan: Universal algebraic structures on polyvector fields

Aermark, Lior: Hardy and spectral inequalities for a class of partial differential operators


Alexandersson, Per: Combinatorial Methods in Complex Analysis

Jost, Christine: Topics in Computational Algebraic Geometry and Deformation Quantization

Lundqvist, Johannes: On Amoebas and Multidimensional Residues


Abdulaali, Ahmad K. Al. On the Extension and Wedge Product of Positive Currents


Tadesse, Yohannes: Tangential derivations, Hilbert series and modules over Lie algebroids

Waliullah, Shoyeb: Topics in nonlinear elliptic differential equations

Samieinia, Shiva: Digital geometry, combinatorics, and discrete optimization

Emtander, Eric: Chordal and complete structures in combinatorics and commutative algebra


Xantcha, Qimh:The Theory of Polynomial Functors

Granåker, Johan: Wheeled Operads in Algebra, Geometry, and Quantization

Zusmanovich, Pasha: Low-dimensional cohomology of current Lie algebras


Lundqvist, Samuel: Computational algorithms for algebras

Nilsson, Lisa: Amoebas, Discriminants, and Hypergeometric Functions

Rökaeus, Karl: Grothendieck rings and motivic integration.

Strohmayer, Henrik: Prop profiles of compatible Poisson and Nijenhuis structures.


Berglund, Alexander: Minimal models in algebra, combinatorics and topology.

Franzén, Salla: On propagation of boundary continuity for domains in complex space.

Jacquet, David: On complex convexity.

Nobel, Lennart: Polynomial hulls and envelopes of holomorphy.


Bergkvist, Tanja: Asymptotics of eigenpolynomials of exactly-solvable operators.

Hellgren, Patrik: G-structures and families of isotropic submanifolds in complex contact manifolds.

Schuplev, Alexey: Toric varieties and residues.


Oldin, Mats: Joint Sequences and Factorizations in Free Monoids

Andersson, Johan: Summation formulae and zeta functions.

Brage, Jens: A natural interpretation of classical proofs.

Hemmi, Kirsti: Approaching proof in a community of mathematical practice.


Carlström, Jesper: Partiality and choice: foundational contributions.

Chulkov, S. P.: Topics in analytic theory of partial differential equations.

Crispin Quinonez, Veronica: Integral closure and related operations on monomial ideals.

Ekenberg, Love: A unified framework for indeterminate probabilites and utilities.

Tidblom, Jesper: Improved Lp Hardy inequalities.


Shadrin, Sergei: Intersections on the moduli space of curves.


Larsson, Anna: Periodisations of contragredient Lie superalgebras and their presentions.

Rullgård, Hans: Topics in geometry, analysis and inverse problems.

Salomonsson, Pelle: Contributions to the theory of operads.


Holm, Pär: Differential operators on arrangements of hyperplanes.

Sadykov, Timour: Hypergeometric functions in several complex variables.


Eriksson, Anders: Differential operators on some classes of rings.

Olofsson, Anders: Topics in real and complex analysis.


Öktem, Ozan: Extensions of separately analytic functions and applications to mathematical tomography. Characterizing the range of the exponential Radon transform.


Crona, Kristina: Graded rings, Gröbner bases and som classes of Koszul algebras.

Huang, Yisheng: Multiple solutions of equations involving the p-Laplacian in unbounded domains.

Pettersson, Kerstin: Strong n-generators in some one-dimensional domains.

Snellman, Jan: A graded subring of an inverse limit of polynomial rings.


Backelin, Erik: On certain categories of representations related to the category O over a semi-simple lie algebra.

Hreinsdóttir, Freyja: On the ring of commuting matrices.

Nilsson, Andreas: Singular integrals and multipliers on real and symmetric spaces.

Sköldberg, Emil: (Co)homology of monomial aglebras.


Bandmann, Olav: A boundary for groups

Parhizgar, Mohammad: On the cohomology ring of some free loop spaces.


Fredholm, Daniel: Intensional aspects of function definitions.

Serafimovski, Svetozar: Syntactic computation systems.

Yongqing, Li: On nonlinear eigenvalue problems and critical point theory for indefinite functionals.


Kurasov, Pavel: On direct and inverse scattering problems in dimension one.


Xing, Yang: Zeros and growth of entire functions of several variables, the complex Monge-Ampère operator and some related topics.


Ekström, Eva Kristina: Some results on noetherian rings.

Gustavsson, Torbjörn: Decompositions of large graphs and digraphs with high minimum degree.

Källström, Rolf: Regular holonomicity of some differential systems in physics.

Stolin, Alexander: On rational solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation.

Zhang, Genkai: Hankel operators and Plancherel formula.


Shapiro, Boris: Disconjugate linear ordinary differential equations, flag varieties and classification of symplectic leaves in several Kac-Moody and Gelfand-Dikii algebras.


Valtonen, Erik: Some results on commutative semitrivial ring extensions.


Fagrell, Per: Some results on Fourier methods for hyperbolic conservation laws.

Hellgren, Torsten B.: Hypergraph colourings, compatible hamiltonian cycles and restricted 2-factors in dense graphs.


Börjeson, Lennart: Estimates of Bochner-Riesz operators and of averages over hypersurfaces.

Lövblom, Gun-Marie: Some non-linear mappings in classical Banach spaces.


Lizhong, Peng: Contributions to certain problems in paracommutators.


Ljungström, Anders: Rotstein rings and some inequalities concerning Hilbert functions.


Abramczuk, Wojciech: Contributions to three problems in systems of differential and convolution equations.

Alonso, Juan M.: Contributions to certain problems in algebraic topology.

Eliasson, Håkan: Hamiltonian systems with Poisson commuting integrals.

Gottlieb, Christian: Some inequalities concerning colengths in Noetherian rings.


Backelin, Jörgen: Some homological results for graded or commutative rings.

Bøgvad, Rikard: Graded lie algebras in local algebra and rational homotopy.

Kolsrud, Torbjörn: Studies in potential theory and function spaces.

Szulkin, Andrzej: Some problems in nonlinear operator theory.

Åberg, Hans: Bieri-Strebel valuations (of finite rank).


Ellingsrud, Geir: Om klassifikasjon av algebraiske vektorbunter på projektive rom.

Vaderlind, Paul: Clutters and atomistic lattices.


Björner, Anders: Studies in homological and combinatorial order theory.

Tamm, Martin: Subanalytic sets in the calculus of variation.


Fröberg, Ralph: A complex construction with applications to determination of Poincaré series.

Heden, Olof: A study on mixed prefect codes.

Lang, Harald: Studies in differential-difference equations.


Löfwall, Clas: On some homological properties of rings.

Sjödin, Gunnar: Applications of homological methods in commutative algebra.

Strömbeck, Peter: On some problems in non-commutative ring theory.


Palmér, Ingegerd: The global homological dimension of some ring extensions.


Arnér, Lars: Some problems in the theory of quadratic forms.

Nystedt, Lars: On polyharmonic continuation by reflection formulas.


Lindström, Bernt: Studies in additive number theory and combinatorial structures.


Björk, Jan-Erik: Chain conditions of associative rings.

Enflo, Per: Investigations on Hilbert's fifth problem for non locally compact groups.

Kristoferson, Jan: An exposition of the consistency and independence proofs for the axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesis in axiomatic set theory with special regard to Zermelo's axiom system.

Lundberg, Anders: A theorem on continuous solutions of the generalized associativity equation.

Martin-Löf, Per: Notes on constructive mathematics.


Boman, Jan: Partial regularity of functions of several real variables.


Björck, Göran: Linear partial differential operators and generalized distributions.

Kiselman, C. O.: Studies in analytic functionals and functions of exponential type.


Jacobinski, H.: Verzweigungsgruppen und Verzweigungskörper.


Lech, Christer: Three papers connected with algebraic geometry.

Thomée, Vidar: Some results concerning boundary problems for partial differential equations.


Dahlquist, Germund: Stability and error bounds in the numerical integration of ordinary differential equations.


Ganelius, Tord: Sequences of analytic functions and their zeros.


Hanner, Olof: Retraction and extension of mappings.

Rådström, Hans: Convexity and norm in topological groups.


Hilding, Sven H.: Linear methods in the theory of complete sets in Hilbert space.


Hellsten, Ulf: Determination of the denominator of Fredholm in some types of integral equations.


Pleijel, åke: Propriétes asymptotiques des fonctions et valeru propres de certain problèmes de vibrations.


Ehrnst, Fredrik: Sur quelques propriétés des congruences de cercles dans la géométrie conforme.

Persson, Karl: Sur une classe de systèmes d'équations linéaires à une infinité d'inconnues.


Juringius, Nils: Recherches sur les fonctions symétriques.


Johansson, Filip: Über die Nullstellen gewisser mit E(x) verwandten Funktionen.


Almer, Bertil: Sur quelques problèmes de la théorie des fonctions analytiques de deux variables complexes.

Olson, Hjalmar: Om i hela planet entydiga integraler till ett system av lineära differentialekvationer och om regulära integraler till ett dylikt system.


Hille, Einar: Some problems concerning spherical harmonics.


Berwald, Fz. R.: Quelques études sur une généralisation de certaines identités dues à Euler.

Cramér, Harald: Sur une classe de séries de Dirichlet.

d'Ailly, G. H.: Sur quelques propriétés des coefficients de certaines séries de Laurent.


Englund, Erik: Sur les méthodes d'intégration de Lie et les problèmes de la mécanique céleste.


Palmqvist, Reinh.: Quelques études sur la convergence des déterminants infinis et les systèmes d'une infinité d'équations linéaires a une infinité d'inconnus.


Zeilon, Nils: Sur les intégrales fondamentales des équations a caractéristique réelle de la physique mathématique.


Huss, Einar: Bidrag till en aritmetisk teori för binära kubiska former.


Malmquist, J.: Sur les équations différentielles du premier ordre. Dont l'intégrale générale admet un nombre fini de branches permutables autour des points critiques mobiles.

Stridsberg, E.: Sur quelques propriétés arithmétiques de certaines fonctions transcendantes.