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Biträdande lektor i beräkningsbiologi

Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-01-15.

The department of Mathematics is advertising an assistant professorship as a SciLifeLab Fellow. We are looking for talents from Computer Science, Math, and related disciplines that can lead the development of theory, algorithms, and methods in Computational Biology.

The SciLifeLab Fellows program is a career program aiming at strengthening Swedish research in Molecular Biosciences and on a long-term perspective lead to societal impact for Sweden. The host universities (Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, or Uppsala University) provide an advantageous economic starting package and together with SciLifeLab a strong interdisciplinary research environment in close proximity to a cutting-edge research infrastructure. The recruitment of excellent researchers in international competition provides an influx of new and fresh knowledge and ideas to drive the development of the SciLifeLab research environment. Moreover, the SciLifeLab Fellows, who both use and develop technologies where SciLifeLab has its excellence, can strengthen both the research and technology development through collaborations with the SciLifeLab research infrastructure.

The SciLifeLab Fellows program and the strong research environment in which the Fellow is active, will increase the opportunities for individual Fellows to attract external research grants. Within the SciLifeLab Fellows program there are also great opportunities for collaboration and networking within SciLifeLab, with the host university and with Fellows from the Wallenberg Centers for Molecular Medicine. The SciLifeLab Fellow will be an important link and ambassador between SciLifeLab and other universities in Sweden as well as abroad.

Studieadministratör (tidsbegränsad anställning)

Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-01-20.