Time: Thursday May 28, 2015
Place: Room 14, House 5, Kräftriket, Stockholm University. Hitta till oss

Preliminary program

  • 10.00: Silvelyn Zwanzig, UU: On generalization of SimSel - a method for variable selection
  • 10.40: Ekaterina Fetisova, SU: Evaluation climate model simulations by means of statistical methods
  • 11.20: Fika
  • 11.40: Michael Höhle, SU: Bayesian outbreak detection in the presence of reporting delays
  • 12.20: Johan Westerborn, KTH: An Efficient Particle-Based Online EM Algorithm for General Hidden Markov Models
  • 13.00: Lunch
  • 14.00: Linglong Yuan, UU: On de Finetti's theorem for finitely exchangeable probability measures
  • 14.40: Annual Post doc lecture: Federica Giardina, SU: HIV epidemic in Sweden: can we infer the structure of sexual contact networks from pathogen phylogenies?
  • 15.20: Fika 15.40: Thomas Önskog, KTH: Stochastic differential situations on non-smooth time-dependent domains
  • 16.20: PhD and research activities next year: Timo Koski, Mia Deijfen and Rolf Larsson
  • 17.00: Games and drinks
  • 18.00: Dinner

Registration: Send an e-mail to Tom Britton (tom.britton "at" math.su.se). Please specify if you will attend lunch and/or dinner (free for invited speakers and staff members) and if you have special food requests.

Conference fee: The conference is free of charge. Lunch and dinner has to be paid by "external participants".

Deadline for registration: Monday May 18.