Currently in charge of the group

Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine,
Senior lecturer


Brandon Doherty  
Henrik Forssell,
Affiliated Researcher
Anders Mörtberg,
Associate Senior lecturer
Taichi Uemura  

Postdocs and PhD students

Daniel Ahlsén,
PhD student
Axel Ljungström
PhD student
Anna Montaruli,
PhD student
Errol Yuksel
PhD student
Max Zeuner
PhD student


Per Martin-Löf,

Associated researchers

Jacopo Emmenegger  
Christian Espíndola My area of interest is Mathematical logic and Foundations. This involves parts of model theory, set theory, metamathematics, category theory (especially categorical logic), formal systems and philosophy of mathematics..
Roussanka Loukanova My research is in the areas of logic, theory of computation, and computational linguistics. The focus of my work is on: type theoretic approaches to information and information processing; type-theory of algorithms; type-theory of situated information; computerised processing of formal and natural languages; type-theoretic grammars; Constraint Based Lexicalized Grammar (CBLG) of natural language; computational syntax, semantics, and syntax-semantics interfaces.​
Håkon Robbestad Gylterud My academic interests are in the fields of mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics, category theory and computer science. I enjoy computer checked, formal proofs and have a keen interest in constructive mathematics and looking at proofs in them selves as algebraic objects.