Currently in charge of the group

Annemarie Luger,
Senior lecturer

My research lies in analysis, more precisely operator theory and complex analysis. At the moment I am working with Nevanlinna functions and their generalisations to several variables, with focus on applications in electro engineering as well as with singular (differential) operators. Furthermore, I am continuing my studies on generalised Nevanlinna functions (functions that admit a realisation in a Pontryagin space).

Permanent Staff

Pavel Kurasov,
My main area of research is operator theory, in particular spectral theory and its applications to mathematical physics. My studies have roots in mathematical analysis, especially in the theory of analytic functions, but requires deep knowledge of modern physics.
Salvador Rodriguez-Lopez,
Senior lecturer
My research interests are in harmonic analysis, pseudo-differential and Fourier integral operators, oscillatory integrals and multi-linear versions thereof.
Jonathan Rohleder,
Associate Senior lecturer
Keywords: operator theory; spectral theory of differential operators​
Alan Sola,
Senior lecturer
My current research is in complex and harmonic analysis, several complex variables, and two-dimensional random growth processes
Andrzej Szulkin,
The field of my research is Nonlinear Functional Analysis, in particular, applications of topological and variational methods in functional analysis to nonlinear differential equations. Solutions of certain differential equations correspond to critical points of a functional (usually - though not always - of Euler-Lagrange type).

Postdocs and PhD-students

Sergi Arias,
Odysseas Bakas,
My research interests lie in euclidean harmonic analysis with emphasis on endpoint bounds of multi-parameter multipliers and in classical Fourier analysis, in particular in problems related to thin spectral sets, such as Sidon sets.
Linus Lidman Bergquist,
Erik Lindgren,
Jacob Muller,
Mitja Nedic,
Andrea Serio,
Rune Suhr,


Jan Boman,
Bitr professor