TEM-simulator is an open source program intended for simulation of transmission electron microscope images and tilt series of biological samples. The program is developed at the Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University, and the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. For more information and
download, see TEM-simulator webpage


Bergman is a powerful tool to calculate Gröbner bases in commutative and non-commutative algebras, and in modules over them. It may also be used to calculate some invariants of algebras and modules: the Hilbert series, and (in the non-commutative case) the Poincaré-Betti series, the Anick resolution, and the Betti numbers. For more information and download, see Bergman web pages.


PATHd8 is a program for phylogenetic dating of large trees without a molecular clock. For more information and download, see the PATHd8 webpage.


Liedim is a Mathematica based program. Given a presentation of a positively graded lie algebra, it may be used to compute e.g. the dimensions or the multiplicative structure of the graded pieces, step by step. For downloading or direct reading into Mathematica, see liedim web page.

There is also a faster but more restricted variant, cbas, implemented in C++.

Poincare calculator

Poincare calculator is a program for calculations of the graded Poincare-Betti series of monomial rings. For more information and download, see the Poincare calculator webpage.