Several people in the department are interested in probabilistic
modelling and analysis of the spread of epidemics, and of random
networks (and more generally of discrete probability). The connection between these two areas come from the fact that the social network of the underlying community have great impact on the potential spread of an infection over the community. Several people are members of Stockholm Group for Epidemic Modelling (

Most often we study various asymptotic aspects as the network/community grows large: can an outbreak occur and if so how large will it be, what global aspects does the network have, and so forth.

People working in this area include: Tom Britton, Maria Deijfen, David Lindenstrand, Mathias Lindholm, Fabio Lopes, Jens Malmros, Anders Martin-Löf, Pieter Trapman, Åke Svensson.


Seminars in mathematical statistics