• Algebraic geometry (moduli spaces of curves and abelian varieties, arithmetic geometry, D-modules, Langlands program)
  • Algebraic topology (calculus of functors, operads, rational homotopy theory, with applications to automorphisms of manifolds and spaces of embeddings)
  • Combinatorics (graph theory, Ramsey theory, enumerative and algebraic combinatorics, polytopes)
  • Commutative and homological algebra (homology theory of local rings, Gröbner bases, Koszul algebras, ideals generated by generic forms, computer algebra)


(in alphabetical order within each category)


PhD students and postdocs


  • Ralf Fröberg, professor emeritus (commutative algebra)
  • Clas Löfwall, professor emeritus (commutative an noncommutative algebra)
  • Jan-Erik Roos, professor emeritus (commutative an noncommutative algebra)

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