de Boer, Menno: A Proof and Formalization of the Initiality Conjecture of Dependent Type Theory

Muller, Jacob: Higher order differential operators on graphs


Ndikubwayo, Innocent: Topics in polynomial sequences defined by linear recurrences


Saleh, Bashar: Formality and homotopy automorphisms in rational homotopy theory


Balletti, Gabriele: Classifications and volume bounds of lattice polytopes

Krüger, Oliver: On minimal triangle-free Ramsey graphs

Nedic, Mitja: Integral representations of Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions


Kebede, Sebsibew: On Bernstein-Sato ideals and Decomposition of D-modules over Hyperplane Arrangements

Marseglia, Stefano: Isomorphism classes of abelian varieties over finite fields

Nenashev, Gleb: On a class of commutative algebras associated to graphs


Goncalves, Iara: Direct Images of Locally Constant Sheaves on Complements to Plane Line Arrangements

Kaj Börjesson: V-algebras in topology and homotopy algebra

Neuner, Christoph: Generalized Titchmarsh-Weyl functions and super singular perturbations


Gawell, Elin: Centra of Quiver Algebras

Ongaro, Jared: Towards Plane Hurwitz Numbers

Oneto, Alessandro: Power ideals, Fröberg conjecture and Waring problems

Bergvall, Olof: Cohomology of the moduli space of curves of genus three with level two structure

Abathun, Addisalem: Asymptotic distribution of zeros of a certain class of hypergeometric polynomials

Rao, Wyclife Ogik: Quantum Graphs and Equi-transmitting Scattering Matrices

Backman, Theo: Compactified Configuration Space of Points on a Line and Homotopies of A_infty Morphisms


Martino, Ivan: The Ekedahl Invariants for finite groups

Nonkane, Ibrahim: Decomposition of modules over the Weyl algebra


Ottergren, Elin: Multiplier Sequences for Laguerre Bases

Forsgård, Jens: On Hypersurface Coamoebas and Integral Representations of A-Hypergeometric Functions

Tveiten, Ketil: B-splines and the characteristic D-module of a polyhedral cell complex

Bergh, Daniel: Computations in the Grothendieck Group of Stacks


Alm, Johan: Two-colored noncommutative Gerstenhaber formality and infinity Duflo isomorphism

Abdulaali, Ahmad K. Al.: Extension and embedding of plurisubharmonic currents

Aermark, Lior: Spectral and Hardy Inequalities for some Sub-Elliptic Operators

Bazarganzadeh, Mahmoudreza: Some properties of one and two phase quadrature domains


Lundqvist, Johannes: An explicit calculation of the Ronkin function

Jost, Christine: Exotic automorphisms of the Schouten algebra on a general smooth manifold

Alexandersson, Per: On eigenvalues of the Schrödinger operator with a complex-valued polynomial potential

Johansson, Petter: Coamoebas

Mirumbe, Ismail, Geoffrey; 2010: Distribution solutions to ordinary differential equations with polynomial coefficients


Granström, Helena: Simplices, frames and questions about reality.

Xantcha, Qimh: Polynomiality.


Emtander, Eric: On hypergraph algebras.

Waliullah, Shoyeb: Minimizers and symmetric minimizers for problems with critical Sobolev exponent.


Abebaw, Tilahun: On the decomposition of D-modules over a hyperplane arrangement.

Dieudonné, Agbor: Topics in fourier analysis.

Johansson, Leif: Resolutions of rings.

Nilsson, Lisa: Series and Integrals in Several and Infinitely Many Complex Variables.

Rökaeus, Karl: Some computations in Grothendieck rings.

Samieinia, Shiva: Digital straight line segments and curves.

Tadesse, Yohannes: The module of derivations preserving a monomial ideal.


Hamrin, Martin: Higher derivations and their invariant varieties.

Ringkvist, Matthias: On dynamical behaviour of FitzHugh-Nagumo systems.


Berglund, Alexander: Poincaré series and homotopy Lie algebras of monomial rings.

Lundqvist, Samuel: An algorithm to determine the Hilbert series for graded associative algebras.

Shchuplev, Alexey: Integral representation formulas associated with toric varieties.

Sjögren, Nils: The model theory of fields with a group action.


Jacquet, David: C-convex domains with C2-boundary.

Larson, Niclas: Två uppsatser med anknytning till linjär algebra. 1. En plattas vridning och translation under inverkan av en partikel med given bana eller Myra på villovägar.2. Volym i Rn och utvidgning av Pythagoras sats.


Bergkvist, Tanja: On polynomial eigenfunctions of differential operators.

Tidblom, Jesper: Lp Hardy inequalities in general domains.


Crispin Quinonez, Veronica: Integrally closed monomial ideals and powers of ideals.


Carlström, Jesper: Wheels - On division by Zero.

Rullgård, Hans: Polynomial amoebas and convexity.

Salomonsson, Pelle: Topics in algebraic geometry.


Jonsson, Jakob: Euler trails and trees in directed graphs.

Sadykov, Timour: Systems of partial differential equations of hypergeometric type.


Andersson, Johan: Power sum theory and zeta-functions.

Olofsson, Anders: Topics in complex analysis.


Karlander, Karl: On some properties of certain spaces of functions.


Nilsson, Andreas: Weakly strongly singular integrals and multipliers.


Broido, Andrej: Permutations of tensor products. Parts I and II.

Fors, Göran: Algebraic topological results on Stanley Reisner rings.

Pettersson, Kerstin: Strong n-generators in some one-dimensional domains.


Ekström, Eva Kristina: A study of non-commutative Noetherian rings.

Gustavsson, Torbjörn: Finding a triangle decomposition of a large graph with high minimum degree.

Sjögren, Rickard: 1. On the regularity of graded K-algebras of Krull dimension = 1. 2. A homological proof of a theorem by Davis, Geramita, Orecchia giving the Cayley-Bacharach theorem.


Wannebo, Andreas: 1. Representations of ordered semigroups by real numbers. 2. Equivalent norms for the Sobolev spaces Wm,p0(Omega).


Eriksson, Bengt-Olov: Difference operators and polynomial interpolation in Rd and Dd when the interpolating points are irregularly distributed.

Fröberg, Ralf: Determination of a class of Poincaré series.

Larfeldt, Tomas: Flat couples, analytic ramifications, and Hilbert functions.


Brynielsson, Lennart: Partitian invariants and Weierstrass line integrals.


Eklundh, Jan-Olof: Translation-invariant convex metrics.

Ljungström, Anders: An inequality between the Hilbert functions of certain prime ideals one of which is immediately included in the other.

Petermann, Eike: Perfekta strukturer.


Brandell, Lars: On the behavior at the boundary of the kernel function of an elliptic differential equation.


Björk, Jan-Erik: Rings satisfying a minimumcondition on principal ideals.

Enflo, Per: Topological groups in which multiplication on one side is differentiable or linear.

Sjödin, Gunnar: Hardy-fields.


Bagge, Örjan: On the diffusion approximation in neutron transport theory.


Boman, Jan: On the intersection of classes of infinitely differentiable functions.

Kiselman, C. O.: Existens och approximation av holomorfa lösningar till randproblem i konvexa områden.

Lindström, Bernt: On a combinatory detection problem.

Lundberg, Anders: On iterated functions with asymptotic conditions at a fixpoint.

Neymark, Mats: Om villkor för existens av lösningar till lineära partiella differentialekvationer med konstanta koefficienter.


Asplund, Edgar: Iteration of finite graphs.

Brodda, Benny: On uniqueness theorems for differential equations with constant coefficients.

Carlsson, Sten Olof: Orthogonality in nouned linear spaces.

Nystedt, Lars: On the extension of polyharmonic functions satisfying elliptic boundary conditions.


Björck, Göran: Distributions of positive mass, which maximize a certain generalized energy integral.