Alfelt, Gustav: Modeling Realized Covariance of Asset Returns

Thorsén, Erik: Assessment of the uncertainty in small and large dimensional portfolio allocation


Allévius, Benjamin: Scan Statistics for Space-Time Cluster Detection

Engsner, Hampus: Multi-period valuation of insurance liabilities subject to capital requirements

Muhinyuza, Stanislas: Statistical Methods in Portfolio Theory

Ngailo, Edward: On functions of a Wishart matrix and a normal vector with applications


Hansson, Disa: Hidden desires - Modelling sexual behaviour and the spread of sexually transmitted infections

Rosengren, Sebastian: Random Graphs: Dynamic and Multi-type Extensions

Stocks, Theresa: Dynamic Modelling of Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease


Pang, Ying: Factor-Augmented Forecasting for High-Dimensional Data


Fetisova, Ekaterina: Evaluation of climate model simulations by means of statistical methods


Petersson, Mikael: Asymptotic Expansions for Perturbed Discrete Time Renewal Equations

Malmros, Jens: Some advances in Respondent-driven sampling on directed social networks

Malmberg, Hannes: Random Choice over a Continuous Set of Options


Höhna, Sebastian: Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference


Andersson, Tom: Sensitivity studies of models of voltage-dependent conductance in neurons


Wangombe, Anne: Stochastic epidemic models for tick-borne diseases

Stoltenberg, Anna: Statistical aspects on clinical trials with covariate adaptive randomisation and with ordinal response data

Björkwall, Susanna: Bootstrapping for claims reserve uncertainty in general insurance


Geli, Patricia: Models Related to Growth and Selection of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria under Drug Exposure

Lindholm, Mathias: Stochastic epidemic models for endemic diseases: the effect of population heterogeneities

Mbare, Shaban: Epidemics on networks and early stage vaccination


Asikainen, Tommi: Some results in the field of epidemic modeling and analysis of a smallpox outbreak


Jonasdottir, Gudrun: Statistical Methods for Assessing Genetic Associaltion in the Presence of Linkage

Nordvall Lagerås, Andreas: Some results in the theory of Markov chains and in renewal theory

Norén, Niklas: Statistical methods for large scale exploratory analysis of post-marketing drug safety data


Bojarova, Jelena: Aspects of non-linearities in Kalman filtering with application to a simplistic model of the atmosphere

Grünewald, Maria: Genetic association studies with complex ascertainment


Dominicus, Annica: Latent variable models for longitudinal twin data with dropout and death

Hammarlid, Ola: When is a convex barrier passed?

Lindbäck, Johan: A model for analysing temporal and spatial patterns of infectious diseases with an application to reported campylobacter infections


Maehle Schmidt, Marianne: A Bayesian approach for sequential updating of dose-response relations in radiation therapy

Sjögren, Niclas: 1. Mulitvariate bioequivalence with respect to both means and variability for general equivalence restrictions, 2. Comparision of within subject covariance matrices in 2x2 crossover trials with multivariate response


Deijfen, Maria: Asymptotic shape in a continuum growth model

Vågerö, Mårten: Some properties of the ML-estimator in fixed up-and-down sequential designs.


Irbäck, Johan: Asymptotic theory for a risk process with a high dividend barrier.


Björkström, Anders: Aspects on Continuum Regression.

Linder, Marie: Estimation of Bilinear Regression Models for Matrix Type Data: Bilinear Least Squares and a Simple Alternative.

Orusild, Tiina: Confidence intervals for quantiles under finite population sampling.

Wrigge, Staffan: Contributions to the theory of large deviations for random sums.


Berg, Mats-Åke: 1. A generalization of the classical risk model - asymptotic estimates. 2. A risk model including interest and a barrier - numerical calculations.

Britton, Tom: Limit theorems and tests for within family clustering in epidemic models.


Andersson, Håkan: A threshold limit theorem for a multitype epidemic model.


Granath, Fredrik: Aspects of hockey stick regression for binary data. Statistical properties of a dose-response model with a no-effect threshold.

af Klintberg, Louise: Strong consistenty of estimators based on a sequence of dependent observations.


Larsson, Rolf: On the asymptotic distributions of some test statistics in time series analysis.


Djehiche, Boualem: A large deviation estimate for ruin probabilities.


Wolk, Wincenty: Approximation of stationary distributions in some fully stochastic models for malaria transmission.


Klingberg, Lars: Some large sample properties of the cox regression model: A two-state example.


Ohlin, Jan: Notes on the problem of optimal coverage and optimal deductible.


Karlsson, Jan-Erik: On large claims.


Grandell, Jan: On stochastic processes generated by a stochastic intensity function.

Höglund, Thomas: On convergence of convolutions of distributions with regularly varying tails to the normal distribution.


Hedström, Lars: On limiting distributions for some random walks arising in learning models for two-choice behavior.

Lárusson, Erlandur: The limit laws of the midpoints of the v-th smallest and the v-th largest distances between order statistics.

Myhre, Janet: 1. On confidence limits for the reliability of systems. 1. On confidence limits for the reliability of systems. 2. Comparison of two methods of obtaining confidence intervals for system reliability. 3. Approximate confidence limits for the reliability of systems.


Lind, Gunnar: A class of stochastic processes applied to the control of service quality in telephone systems.


Gustafsson, Jan: A traffic model.


Erlander, Sven: The remaining busy period for a single server queueing system with Poisson input and general service time distribution.

Frank, Ove: Problems of reconstruction in connection with addition of independent stochastic processes.

Martin-Löf, Per: Probability theory on discrete semigroups.


Ekman, Gunnar: A limit theorem in connection with stratified sampling, part I-II.

Walldin, Knut-Erik: Stochastic processes with stationary and independent increments.


Ajne, Björn: On the estimation of the time mean-value of a stationary process.


Jansson, Birger: Mathematical descriptions of queueswith constant intervals of arrival and exponentially distributed service times, and problems of optimation in such queues.