Online teaching is usually done using Zoom. More detailed information about courses can be found closer to the start of term on their respective course pages.

We urge all students to follow the authorities' recommendations on keeping distances, washing their hands frequently and carefully, and staying at home when feeling at all unwell.

Below you can find information about teaching (at the divisions of Mathematics, Mathematical statistics and Computational mathematics respectively) and examination during the autumn.

Regarding courses beginning in January, see Teaching at the Department of Mathematics spring 2021


Note that the plans for many courses (and therefore the information below) have changed because of new recommendations in Stockholm from 29 October.

Division of Mathematics

For the rest of the autumn, all courses in the division of Mathematics will be taught online.

Division of Mathematical statistics

For the remainder of the autumn (from 2 November) practically all teaching will be online. There may be some exceptions for computer labs after 19 November. Details about this will be published on the respective course pages.

Division of Computational mathematics

Courses in the division of Computational mathematics, i.e., courses in computer science and scientific computing, are taught online during the autumn if they are taught at Stockholm University. Note however that courses taught at KTH may be taught on campus, and regarding these we refer to KTH's webpage and to the schedules linked from Course Offerings Autumn 2020.


We currently aim to hold examinations on campus. This applies to most courses on all three divisions. A few courses may have a take-home exam instead, see the course page for details.

UPDATE 19/11: Because of the situation with covid-19 the Department of Mathematics has decided not to give exams on campus from Tuesday 17/11 until the end of December. Information about alternative forms of examination will be published on the respective course webpages shortly. A decision regarding exams in January and February will come later.

UPDATE 3/12: No exams belonging to the autumn semester 2020 will be given on campus in January or February. Please see the respective course webpages for information about alternative forms of examination.