If you are not yet a student at the Department of Mathematics but are considering applying, you might first want to read about our courses and programmes, and practical information for new and prospective students.

Important dates just now

18/3 Online registration opens for most courses beginning in the second half of the semester
26/3 Start of the second half of the semester
15/4 Application for courses during the autumn term closes. Courses Autumn 2019. (Apply through antagning.se or universityadmissions.se)


Course application for the autumn semester

You can apply to courses during the autumn semester between March 15 and April 15. If you are a student in one of our programmes you will get information regarding what courses to apply for. Students of the Master's Programme in Mathematical Statistics, see also the information forum.

Conditionally admitted to courses in the CD period

If you are conditionally admitted to a course during the CD period of the spring term and the condition still remains, you may not be able to take this course. If you are unsure, you can contact the directors of studies.

Registering for courses

To keep you place on a course, you must register for the course online. You may need to activate your university account first.

Online registration for courses beginning in the second half of the semester opens on March 18.

Course pages

You can find all our course pages at kurser.math.su.se. Please note that activating your account on a course page is not the same as registering for the course!

Applying for exams

If you want to take a written exam, you must sign up for it in advance no later than one week before the exam date.

More information on examinations, rules and sign-up. In particular, note that you must be able to show a valid photo ID at the time of the exam, and that you must be registered on the current term to be able to sign up for the exam.


If you have previously been registered for a course but did not complete it during that term, you will need to re-register in order to complete the course. Please contact the student affairs office for information.

Exchange studies

Students at the Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University have the possibility to study one or two semesters abroad. Please be aware that this takes some time to organise, so plan ahead.