Our bachelor's brogrammes consist of three years of full-time studies, and are suitable for students who have not studied mathematics at university level before. Our bachelor's programmes are all given in Swedish.

Master's programmes have a total duration of two years and are suitable for students who already have a bachelor's degree in a mathematical subject.

Course lists

You can find lists of courses that are offered in the coming semesters on this page:

Freestanding courses

Do you prefer to select the courses that will be included in your degree yourself instead of entering a study programme? Or perhaps you are merely interested in taking only a few courses in mathematical subjects? In that case taking freestanding courses may be a good option for you.

Study online

Are you interested in studying mathematics but are not able to attend classes? We offer online courses for you who are a beginner in the subject (in Swedish) but also advanced courses (in English).

Study part-time

Most of our courses have study pace 50 % (half a semester) or 25 % (a whole semester). Students who study full-time generally take 2-4 courses parallel. Students who wish to have a lower study pace take 1-2 courses during each period, which allows them to combine studies with for instance work life.

Have you studied at university-level before?

If you have taken courses in mathematics or mathematical statistics, either in Sweden or abroad, you might be able to make use of your previous credits. Your courses can be transferred to Stockholm University if equivalent courses exist here, but this is often not necessary.

A degree in a mathematical subject can often include courses in other subjects not related to mathematics. This means that you can also use credits you have taken in a completely different subject.

Do you wish to become a teacher?

There are a number of different paths to becoming a qualified mathematics teacher.