Our IT Department is responsible for most IT-related questions at Stockholm University:

University account

You can log in to different IT services at Stockholm University with the username and password connected to your university account. You will, among other things, need a university account in order to get access to the local course pages at the Department of Mathematics.

University card and Printomat

Students need a university card in order to print out documents.

At the moment we have one printer (Printomat) available for students at the Department of Mathematics, located in the computer lab in room 42, floor 4,5 in house no. 5. The printer is multifunctional and can be used for printing, copying and scanning.

As a student you can use any of the public multifunctional printers (Printomat) at Stockholm University. More detailed instructions and a list of different printers can be found here:

Computer lab

The Department of Mathematics has one computer room available for students. It is located in room 42, floor 4,5 in house no. 5.

Opening hours

You have access to the computers every weekday between 07:00-23:30, except when the room is reserved for lectures, and on national holidays. Notice, however, that the front doors to house 5 close at 18:00 on Fridays, and 21:30 on other week days.

Bookings for the computer lab are listed on the following page:

The schedule above covers the nearest 4 weeks. Notice, however, that late changes sometimes occur.

Access card

The door to the computer lab is locked, so you will need to get an access card if you wish to use the computers.

The card costs 100 SEK, and can be purchased at the Student Affairs Office (cash only). Generally, the card is valid for one or two terms at a time, after which you'll need to visit the Student Affairs Office again to get it refilled (this time with no charge).

In order to obtain or to refill an access card, you need to be registered on a course or a programme at the Department of Mathematics the current term.


Students at Stockholm University can purchase student licenses to certain computer programs (information only in Swedish).


The Department of Mathematics encourages all students to familiarize themselves with LaTeX. LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system with extensive support for mathematical notation.

How to get started with LaTeX?

If you have never used LaTeX before, it is recommended that you work your way through the pdf-document below and visit one of our computer labs. Every student computer has LaTeX installed.


LaTeX is a widely used document preparation system, so you can find a lot of information and instructions online. Here is one beginner's guide to LaTeX:

T. Oetiker, The not so short introduction to Latex. (980 Kb)

Install LaTeX on your own computer

There are plenty of different software that can be used to compile LaTeX. For instance, you can use the following: