IT for Students at Stockholm University

The IT department is responsible for IT services and support to students at Stockholm University. More information at: IT for students.

University Account

Your university account gives you access to a number of IT services at Stockholm University. You will need this account to be able to access course pages at the Department of Mathematics.

Printing and Copying – Printomat

The university uses a “follow me-print”-system called Printomat. To use this service you need a university card.


As a student at Stockholm University, you can get access to a number of software’s that you can use throughout your studies.

Computer Lab

The Department of Mathematics has a computer lab in room 42, house 5 in Kräftriket. To access the lab you need an access card.


As a student you have access to the computer lab between 07.30 a.m. and 11.30 p.m. when there is no scheduled lectures.


The Department of Mathematics encourage you as a student to familiarize yourself with LaTeX, a typesetting system whith great support for mathematical notation.

Introduction to LaTeX