General information

Exams can be taken at other universities or similar, if they are willing to arrange this for you, which means they need to be able to accept the exam by email and arrange for id-check and supervision during the exam, which must be at the same time as the one at Stockholm university (please note that this may be e.g. during night, depending on the time zone). Please note as well that Stockholm university is not obligated to arrange exams elsewhere, and neither is any university or similar to accept such a request.


To be able to take an exam at another university or similar follow the procedures below:

  1. Contact the choosen university or similar and ask them if they can arrange this for you.
  2. If so, , take note of name, position, phone number and email address to a contact there.
  3. Send this information by email to no later than 2 whole weeks prior to the exam.
  4. Register for the exam at as you normally would.