How can I sign up?

You can sign up via "Examination sign up" in My studies.

When can I sign up?

In most cases the sign up function is activated approximately one month before the examination and closed 5 full working days before. Notice that 5 working days is not always equal to one week.

What if I cannot sign up?

Should you encounter any problems with online sign-up, contact our student affairs office on

Have you forgotten to sign up?

If you did not sign up for the exam in time it is still possible that you can get a place in the exam hall. This might, however, result in you losing 30 minutes of the total examination time.

We do not accept any late applications!

To sign up for a re-exam

If you are registered on a course you can take a re-exam any time the course is arranged. You can sign up via My studies as usual, no re-registration on the actual course is needed (but of course, if you wish to be re-registered in Ladok that can be arranged).