General information about written exams

All written exams are anonymous. When you register for the exam in Ladok you will receive an anonymous code and it is only the code that is visible to the teacher.

Before examination

  • You must be admitted and registered on the course in order to be allowed to participate in the exam. If you sit an exam without proper course registration, your exam will not be graded.
  • If you wish to take an exam you have to sign up online via Ladok no later than 8 days prior to the exam date. You cannot take the exam without having signed up!
    • Example: if the exam takes place Thursday March 14, you have to sign up no later than Wednesday March 6 23:59.
  • Should it turn out that you cannot attend the exam you can unregister from the exam in Ladok. 
  • Courses at KTH: If you are following a course at KTH given by Stockholm University, see Exams at KTH for information on how to sign up.
  • It is important that you know and understand the examination rules that apply at Stockholm university. 
  • Should you need special support, contact our Student counsellor.
  • Taking exams elsewhere.

During examination

  • If nothing else is stated, all exams are given between 9:00-14:00 or 13:00-18:00 in house 5, Kräftriket or at campus Frescati.
  • If the exam take place in house 5 Kräftriket the exact class room will be announced on the day of the exam in the entrance hall of house 5. 
  • If your exam take place at Frescati campus, you can go to the examination service website and read about how you can see which room your exam will go in, which place you have been assigned and more information about the exam.
  • You have to be able to show valid ID at the time of the exam. If you are unable to show a valid ID you will not be allowed to take the exam.

After examination

  • Information about exam return date is generally stated on the question sheet. If you have questions, contact the examiner.
  • After the return date, your exam can be received from the student affairs office. Due to covid-19 the student affairs office does not have any opening hours and therefore you cannot come and pick up your exam. You can find more information on how you will get your exam back on the student affairs office's page
  • Your grade will show up in Ladok in three weeks (it can take longer time for the results to be transferred to


Exam schedule

Information about planned written examinations can be found here:

Exams for the course MM1003 Introductory Course in Mathematics are not listed on the regular exam schedule – see the home page of the introductory course instead.

Old exams