The information here is not valid for teacher education students - instead you should see information about teacher education on our Swedish website.

If you are an exchange student, you should contact your exchange coordinator if you have questions about eligibility.

Transfer of credits

Your credits can be transferred to Stockholm University if you previously have taken courses whose contents match a course that is given here. Notice that it in most cases does not serve any larger purpose to transfer a course. On the contrary a transfer may have negative consequences: grades are not transmitted and the number of credits is often reduced.

Transfer is needed if you wish to include courses from foreign universities in a degree at Stockholm University.

Prerequisites to higher courses

If you have studied mathematics or mathematical statistics before it is likely that you do not need to start from the beginning when enrolling Stockholm University.

Our student counsellor can help you determine the level at which you should start from. Notice that many first-cycle courses (bachelor level) are only given in Swedish.

Including your courses in a degree at Stockholm University

You can include (fully completed) courses from other Swedish universities directly in a degree at Stockholm University. This means that your previous credits do not need to be officially transferred to our university. However, transfer is needed if you wish to include courses from foreign universities in your degree.

A degree in a mathematical subject can often include a certain amount of courses in subjects that are not related to mathematics – this means that you can also use credits you have taken in other subjects.

Courses that are included in your bachelor’s degree cannot be a part of your master’s degree.

More detailed information can be found on the page Degrees and Degree Projects.

Contact us

If you have studied mathematics or mathematical statistics at other universities and are interested in taking courses here, contact our student counsellor. In your e-mail you should take up the following points:

  • Tell us about your plans! Are you only interested in taking a couple of courses at Stockholm University or are you aiming for a degree?
  • Send your transcripts to us. We need copies of official transcripts of credits that include information of relevant courses.
  • Do not forget course descriptions! In order to be able to understand what you have studied before, we need official course descriptions of relevant courses (as detailed as possible!). You should be able to get them from your previous university.

The last point is very important as it does occur that two courses that share the same name have completely different contents. It is therefore impossible to make a validation without access to course descriptions.

For instance, you can scan or photograph your transcripts and e-mail them to us together with links to relevant course descriptions.

The documents must be in Swedish or in English. You may have to get a translation of your transcripts before sending them over.