Admitted on condition

It is quite common that the student at the time of application has not finished all courses that are given as special eligibility requirements for the course or programme the student has applied for. For example it is very common to submit an application for a master's programme before one's bachelor's degree is fully complete. This will result in the admission status "Admitted on condition".

The administration of conditions will be carried out just before course start. As long as the condition remains you cannot complete online registration to the courses you will take. If the condition is still on place by course start, and you haven't received any notification about whether or not you'll be allowed to take the course or programme you have applied for,  contact the Student Affairs Office.


If you do not meet the entry requirements at the time of application, and it is not likely that you will have time to become eligible by course start, your admission status will be set to "unqualified", and your application will be deleted. If you feel that your eligibility has not been judged properly, contact your Student counsellor.

Notice that you have to contact us directly after you have been notified of you admission status. We cannot guarantee a place for you after first notification of selection results, even if it would turn out that you do fill the eligibility requirements.

Another reason for a deleted application is that you already have been admitted to courses with higher priority. You can be admitted to at most 45 ECTS credits per term.