Ofir Ammar
Ofir Ammar

Why did you choose to apply to Stockholm University?

I wanted to study in Europe and found out about this new joint Master's Programme at Stockholm university and KTH.

Are you satisfied with the programme?

There is a great variety of courses, including reading courses that are offered for interested students.

The communication with the academic staff was open, especially since the teachers were available and eager to help us. In fact, you can get a lot of help. The mathematical environment in Stockholm also contains Institut Mittag Leffler, where students can attend seminars.

I made a lot of friends during the first course, which was a tough one, with homework every week, where you had to work together.

It has been an adventure – not only academically!

What do you do as a Data analyst?

What we do basically is to investigate financial frauds within enormous data sets. Different positions of data analysts are doing slightly different things - but we investigate economical frauds.

The work is mathematical because the work requires quite a lot of logical thinking. We do think often about subsets, matching and quite a lot of "basic logic". More over, we do some coding.

What does a normal day at work look like?

It's quite a 9-18 work where we sit in front of the computer, we work on different projects. We ran a massive amount of SQL queries in order to find irregular patterns. We try to filter out the relevant data out of a huge data set (and filtering can be quite tricky sometimes..). We have meetings quite often, regarding the projects we work on - what kind of data are we interested in, how we can approach to retrieve it, client meetings, etc.