The student and the supervisor are expected to keep in touch. If you haven't had any contact with your supervisor for more than one academic term, it is no longer guaranteed that you’re allowed to continue with the thesis. The topic may have been given to another student, or the supervisor may be busy with other work.

Written report

It is highly recommended that the report is written with LaTeX, although this is not a requirement.

Some useful documents:


Planned presentation days

Degree projects can only be presented on certain days. Normally there are 3-5 different occasions each term. Additional presentation days may be booked if needed.

Planerade presentationsdagar
Autumn 2016 13 January
Spring 2017 v. 12 (20-24 March)
v. 18 (1-5 May)
v. 22 (29 May - 2 June)
v. 24 (12-16 June)
v. 36 (4-8 September)


Exact time and date will be decided closer to the presentation day, based on the schedules of the people involved.

Before the presentation

  1. The main teacher should be contacted no later than 4 weeks before the presentation day.
  2. The referee and the examiner must get the report (in a preliminary form if nothing else) no later than 10 days prior to the presentation. This is to ensure that the student has enough time to make the required changes.
  3. All thesis presentations are announced in the SMC calendar, so title and abstract should be sent to by Wednesday at 8:00, week before the presentation. Send the abstract as pure text, i.e. not as pdf or word-document. Notice that the calendar cannot handle mathematical notation.
  4. The thesis will be printed out after the referee has accepted the final version. The printed report will be available at the presentation. The final version should be sent to by Thursday at 8:00, week before the presentation.
  5. If you wish to use a projector, notify the coordinator via the day before the presentation.
  6. Students that present their theses are required to attend all other presentations given the same day. Everyone involved will be invited for lunch at Kräftan during the day.

About the presentation

The presentation itself should be 30-50 minutes long. You can use blackboard, projector or other tools during your presentation. After the presentation, the referee, the examiner and other listeners will have a chance to ask questions.

The examiner, after consulting with the referee and the supervisor, will then grade the degree project. A number of different factors affect the grade: how well the student understands the problem setting, independence, written and oral presentation. For more details, see the grading criteria on the Swedish home page.