In order to be allowed to start with a degree project you must satisfy the special eligibility requirements given in the course plan. See the page Different types of degree projects for details.


Bachelor's thesis in mathematics (Swedish)

Application to degree projects on first level is submitted through antagning.se. Normally, the deadline is 15 April for autumn term and 15 October for spring. If there are places left, application will open again after the first selection notice. Links to application can be found on the page Kurser i Matematik.

Notice that knowledge of Swedish is required for bachelor's thesis.

In the beginning of each term we arrange an information meeting for students who will write a bachelor's thesis. Here's the presentation from the last meeting (autumn 2016):

Master's thesis

If you wish to write a master's thesis, then you should get in touch with the main teacher.

Notice that you should notify us well in advance! Do not count on being able to start with a project a couple of days after contacting the main teacher.

Find a topic and supervisor

We expect that the student actively tries to find a supervisor and a topic for the thesis. For instance, you can talk with the main teacher of degree projects to get suggestions, or contact a teacher to discuss project ideas. The degree work can be done at the department, or at a company.

If you find a supervisor outside the department, it is very important that the choice of both supervisor and topic is approved before you start with the degree project. Normally you will also get a supervisor from the department.

Course in science theory

A course in science theory is a compulsory part of bachelor's theses. The course is given once each term, and can be taken after the student has taken 90 ECTS credits at the Faculty of Science. You can take the science course before actually starting with the thesis.

The science theory course can be taken at the Department of Mathematics (recommended). It is given every autumn and spring term; the first meeting is usually in the first week of each term. The teacher is Torbjörn Tambour (torbjorn@math.su.se). Details can be found on the course page, which is located under

Other option is to take the Faculty's course:

Project plan

Before you start with the process of writing the degree, you and your supervisor will have to agree on a project plan. The plan includes an overview of the problem, literature list and a time plan. A copy of the project plan must be given to the main teacher.


Once the project plan has been approved, you should take it to the Student affairs office to get a course registration.