Bachelor project

MM6004 Mathematics, Degree Project, 15 ECTS credits
Note! Application to the course must be done through!

Admission to the course requires at least 135 credits. At least 75 credits must be in mathematics, including the following courses or the equivalent:

  • Mathematics II - Analysis, part A (MM5010) and Mathematics II - Analysis, part B (MM5011), or Mathematical Analysis III (MM5001) and Mathematical Analysis IV (MM5002)
  • Mathematics II - Linear Algebra (MM5012) or Linear Algebra II (MM5004)
  • Mathematics II - Algebra and Combinatorics (MM5013) or Algebra and Combinatorics (MM5003)

The project includes a mandatory 1.5-credit-course on scientific method and ethics.

Master project

There are four different types of master projects at the department:

MM9007 Mathematics, Degree Project, 30 ECTS credits
To qualify for the course a Bachelor's degree is required. In addition, knowledge equivalent to 90 credits in mathematics is required, where the following courses or their equivalents should be included:

  • Mathematics III - Foundations of Analysis (MM5021) or Foundations of Analysis (MM7001)
  • Mathematics III - Complex Analysis (MM5022) or Analytic Functions I (MM7002)
  • Mathematics III - Abstract algebra (MM5020) or Algebra III (MM7003)
  • Mathematics III - Combinatorics (MM5023) or Combinatorics II (MM7007)
  • At least on of the courses Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra (MM8019), Homological algebra and algebraic topology (MM8020)
  • At least on of the courses Advanced real analysis I (MM8037), Integration theory (MM8001), Fourier analysis (MM8003), Functional analysis (MM8009), Partial differential equations (MM8008)
  • Topology (MM8002)
  • At least on of the courses Enumerative combinatorics (MM8018), Combinatorics III (MM8011), Number Theory (MM8012).

MM9002 Mathematics, degree project, 15 ECTS credits
This project is for those who already have a degree project in mathematics at the advanced level of 15 credits.

Applied Mathematics, Degree Project 30 credits MM9003 (Master's Thesis in Applied Mathematics). To qualify it is required to have 150 credits, where the courses Analytic Functions I MM7002 7.5 credits, Ordinary Differential Equations MM7004 7.5 credits, Optimization MM7006 7.5 credits, Dynamic Systems and Optimal Control Theory MM7010 7.5 credits, Mathematics, Degree Project 15 credits MM6001, and at least one D-level course should be included. Also required is knowledge equivalent to Computer Science I 15 credits or Probability Theory 7.5 credits and Statistical Analysis 7.5 credits.

Applied Mathematics, Degree Project 15 hp MM9004. This project is for those who already have a degree in mathematics or applied mathematics at the advanced level of 15 credits.