Degree projects in mathematics

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Degree projects in mathematics

Here is information for you who are planning to write a bachelor's or a master's thesis in mathematics.


Main teacher of degree projects in mathematics
Annemarie Luger,

Coordinator of degree projects in mathematics
Anna Montaruli Giulia,

Different types of degree projects in mathematics

At the Department of Mathematics it is possible to write a Bachelor or Master thesis in mathematics. Here you find the entry requirements and other vital information about the different types of theses.

Possible supervisors and topics for degree projects in mathematics

We expect that you actively try to find a supervisor and a topic for your thesis. For instance, you can talk with the main teacher of degree projects to get suggestions, or contact a teacher to discuss project ideas.

To start with a degree project in mathematics

There are a number of things that need to be arranged before you can start with a degree project. You must, among other things, pick a topic and find a supervisor, submit an application and make a project plan. Some degree projects also include a science theory course that can be taken before you actually start writing the thesis.

Writing and presenting a degree project in mathematics

The degree project is documented in a written report and presented in a seminar at the department. Presentations take place only on certain days each term.