1. The Degree project should be documented in a thesis and presented at a seminar, including 30-45 minutes, at the department. Presentations are done at special presentation days (between 8 am and 12), usually at three occasions each semester. If more than four students are registered for one day, an extra day one week later, will be added.

2. Registration for presentation is made to the coordinator, joper@math.su.se, no later than three weeks in advance. At the registration, a final version (or a near-final version) of the thesis, approved by the supervisor, shall be submitted.    A thesis that apparently cannot be passed at this stage will be stopped by the examiner.

3. A final printable version of the thesis (as a pdf file) shall be submitted to the coordinator no later than one week before the presentation.

4. It is compulsory attendance during the presentation day and the day is ended with lunch at the nearby restaurant “Världshuset Kräftan”, at the Departments expense.