For a Master's degree in mathematical statistics or insurance mathematics, a degree project at the extent of 30 higher education credits is compulsory. The topic of the project is decided by the supervisor together with the student. The work is to be presented in a written thesis and at a seminar.

  • To start a degree project, you must fulfill the requirements listed in the syllabus: mathematical statistics or insurance mathematics.
  • The project can either be done internally at the department or externally at a company, authority, etc.. Proposals for internal projects are listed on the page Proposals for Degree project. For external projects the coordinator and teachers at the department can assist with contacts.
  • Application for degree project is done at by 15 April for the autumn semester and 15 October for the spring semester.  
  • Once you have been admitted, you will be assigned a supervisor at the department. If you are doing your work at a company/authority, you should also have a supervisor there.
  • In the start of the work, a project plan have to be written by the student in agreement with the supervisor. It is recommended to use the LaTex template (see below) for this. In order to get registrered for degree project you should submit  a copy of the project plan to the coordinator (Jan-Olov Persson).
  • The Degree project is documented in a thesis and presented in a 45 minutes seminar at the department. To apply for presentation, a final version of the thesis, approved by the supervisor, have to be submitted to the coordinator no later than three week before the presentation date.
  • The next presentation time is in the beginning of September, 2018. Notify if you plan to present.  


Useful documents and links:

Writing and presenting a degree project (152 Kb)

Project plan, LaTex-template (2 Kb)
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If you have questions concerning your degree project, please contact the coordinator (Jan-Olov Persson).

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