Which courses can be taken as free standing?

Lists of planned course rounds can be found on the page First and Second Cycle Courses. Almost all of these courses can be taken outside our bachelor's and master's programmes. If you can apply for a course through universityadmissions.se, then it can be taken as a free standing course.

Please be aware that:

  • First year's math courses are only given in Swedish.
  • Some courses in computer science and scientific computing can only be applied to through the Swedish site antagning.se, so you can try looking for a course there if you cannot find it on universityadmissions.se. Make sure that the course language is English before you apply, if you do not fulfil the language requirements for courses in Swedish.

Practical information

Free standing students apply for individual courses through universityadmissions.se. Application deadline for autumn term is normally April 15, and for spring term October 15. After you have been admitted to a course, you will have to make sure that you will be registered. Detailed instructions can be found here:

Note! Exchange students should not apply through universityadmissions.se.

Prerequisites and degrees

As a free-standing student you will need to keep an eye on

  • special eligibility requirements for different courses,
  • special eligibility requirements for degree projects, and
  • requirements for bachelor's and master's degrees.

Special eligibility requirements for different courses

We have a large selection of free standing courses with strict special eligibility criteria. It's important that you know which order the courses must be taken in. You can find information on entry requirements in the online catalogue.

Special eligibility requirements for degree projects

If you are aiming for a degree in computer science, mathematics or mathematical statistics, you will need to write a degree project. In order to be allowed to do this, you must have passed all the courses that are listed in the special eligibility requirements. Requirements vary depending on the level and the subject of the thesis.

Requirements for bachelor's and master's degrees

Once you have finished all required courses and written a thesis project, you will be able to apply for a degree. Not all courses must be in the main subject area (computer science, mathematics or mathematical statistics), which means that it's possible to include other subjects as well in your degree.