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About us

Matematiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet

The Department of Mathematics consists of three divisions, mathematics, mathematical statistics, and computer science and scientific computing Mathematics was one of the first subjects taught at the newly founded Stockholm university in 1878 and the first professor at the university was Gösta Mittag-Leffler, with an appointment in mathematics. Sonja Kovalevsky, the first woman to be employed as a full professor of mathematics, was another prominent early member of the department.

The Department has a well equipped library which is probably one of the finest in northern Europe. One could say that the library is to a mathematician what the laboratory is to an experimental scientist.

The Department is situated in beautiful buildings from the 1910's that used to house the Veterinary School. The area around Brunnsviken is scenic and is also known from literature and history. The celebrated 18th century songwriter and poet Carl Michael Bellman mentions Brunnsviken on several occasions in his poetry.


Division of mathematics

The Division of Mathematics does research in algebra, analysis, geometry and logic, among other fields. In recent years, computers have become an increasingly important tool in mathematical research, and we have a powerful activity in computer algebra.

Computational Mathematics

We study computational problems in molecular biology and dynamic stochastic systems with applications to analysis of climate change. The division is expanding and will therefore broaden our research in the next few years.

Division of mathematical statistics

Mathematical Statistics is the area of applied mathematics concerned with describing and analyzing random phenomenon. The basis for the theory of probability, with its roots from the 17th century, has in its modern form been devoloped during the last century and has in the post-war years seen a rapid development.


Kräftriket, hus 5. Foto: Mia Borgelin

Postal address
Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University, SE - 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden.

Visiting address
Kräftriket, house no. 5 and 6, Stockholm.
Courses are held in house no. 5 and the offices are in house no. 6.

Fax: +46 8-6126717

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