This means that all lectures and other education on campus is cancelled.

This means that exams on campus are cancelled. There will be no exams on campus during 18 March - 30 August.

Buildings 5 and 6 in Kräftriket are also closed for students, students no longer have access to these buildings.

Information on how each courses will be taught and examined online for the rest of the spring is available on the course page for each course. Make sure to activate yourself on the course page as soon as it is possible, so that information from the news forum is sent to you.

We encourage you to stay updated via the websites of relevant authorities and the university's website.

This page may also be updated with new information.

Update 3 June: The Swedish Government announced on 29 May that the Public Health Agency of Sweden's distance learning recommendation will be removed on 15 June, which makes it possible to return at least partially to campus-based teaching in the autumn. More information about what this means for courses at the Department of Mathematics will be sent out with the welcome notes after the first notification of selection results. See also