Sergey Naboko

We shall all remember Sergey as a talented and devoted mathematician who was always helping us without demanding anything in return. He certainly made the world around him a better place. He taught us not only mathematics, but also how to be a human. Doing mathematics he was not afraid to attack sophisticated problems and enjoyed seeing connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena. “Methods are more important than results” - he was fond of saying.

Professor Naboko is know for his work on similarity to self-adjoint operators, functional models, spectral theory of Jacobi matrices and exotic spectrum in self-adjoint problems. His legacy in Mathematical Analysis and Spectral Theory is strong and will remain with us for a long time.

Sergey visited our institute for the first time in Spring 1991 giving a talk at the traditional Analysis seminar. He then visited us many times becoming a part of the institute. Since March 2019 he was a Wallenberg guest professor. Sweden and Stockholm in particular played a very important part in his scientific life and he enjoyed working here.