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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University. We offer a wide range of education programmes and conduct research in most mathematical branches.

Congratulations to Dan Petersen on receiving the Wallenberg Prize of the Swedish Mathematical Societ

Dan Petersen. Foto: Markus Marcetic © Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien

Dan has been awarded the prize for his outstanding contributions to algebraic geometry, and in particular for his results concerning homological stability and cohomology of moduli spaces of curves. He has also discovered a counterexample to Faber's conjecture on tautological rings.

Congratulations to Sven Raum and Jonathan Rohleder

Sven Raum & Jonathan Rohleder

Sven and Jonathan have obtained starting grants from the Swedish Research Council.

Sven Raum's research interests concern operator algebras, group theory, and representation theory. He will be supported by the grant "Operator algebras in group and representation theory."

Jonathan Rohleder works in spectral theory and partial differential equations. He has received funding for the project "New spectral inequalities for domains and graphs."

Sergio Albeverio new Honorary Doctor at the Department of Mathematics


Nada becomes part of the Department of Mathematics

Nada at Stockholm University will be part of the Department of Mathematics from 1 January 2018