A bilateral programme between Sweden and Uganda includes cooperation in mathematics between five universities in Sweden and the Makerere university in Kampala, Uganda. The cooperation covers only postgraduate studies. 

Within this1-2 postgraduate students from Math SU are invited to take part in the course Topology (according to Armstrong book) at Makarere university in Kampala, Uganda. The course will cover almost the same material as the corresponding course F802 given at SU.

Grading and all the course-details are similar to those in Stockholm and will be accepted by the department of mathematics SU.

A 3-4 course in Kampala will take place 27 April-19 May 2017.

The Uganda-Sida bilateral programme will cover all costs of this experiment: tickets, accommodation, insurance. Living cost will be easily covered by the students scholarship.

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Stockholm,  February 13, 2017

Paul Vaderlind